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Under the Rainbow
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Under the Rainbow

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It was the largest gathering of little people ever, drawn from all over to appear in the movie of a classic children's story. They weren't in Kansas anymore. They were in Hollywood, home of wide-open lifestyles and nonstop parties. This colorful screwball comedy uses the premise of 150 little people playing The Wizard of Oz's Munchkins housed in one Culver City hotel - and indulging in some high-energy partying - to spin zany screen mayhem with touches of romance between a G-man Chevy Chase and a casting agent, and cockeyed espionage involving a German agent a Japanese spy. Delivering a tall order of laughter, while smashing into small-fry shenanigans at every turn there's no place like...Under the Rainbow.


Release Date: 1981

Run Time: 97 minutes

Rating: PG

Starring: Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, Eve Arden, Joseph Maher, Robert Donner, Mako, Pat McCormick, Billy Barty, Zelda Rubinstein

Director: Steve Rash


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