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We're All Devo
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We're All Devo

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Apparently dissatisfied with the effect their music was having on a largely unsuspecting public, these Akron spud boys upped the ante in the strangeness sweepstakes when they moved into celluloid. This collection, comprised primarily of grainy videos hatched up before they were mistakenly tagged as a novelty outfit after MTV moved "Whip It" into heavy rotation, plays out like a movie night meet-and-greet at the old Eloise sanitarium on Michigan Avenue, the simian-like Booji Boy, General Boy, Rod and Donut Rooter, Daddy Know-It-All, Dr. Byrthfood, and Mongo the Mongoloid vying for screen time in order to bring the truth about de-evolution to the masses, in turn raising many questions about what may be in the drinking water and air above Akron, Ohio.


Release Date: 1983

Run Time: 54 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Devo, Timothy Leary, Laraine Newman

Director: Gerald V. Casale


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