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BelieversBeverly Hills Bodysnatchers

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Sequel to "Willard" finds police Detective Kirtland still on the hunt for a killer rat pack led by Ben, king of the rodents. Young Danny Garrison, a neglected kid, finds a new little friend in Ben -- the intelligent rat whose furry minions managed to slaughter most of the cast of the previous film. Ben displays his affection for Danny by directing his posse to off anyone who torments him. Title song by Michael Jackson hit the top of the charts.


Release Date: 1972

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rating: PG

Starring: Joseph Campanella, Lee Montgomery, Arthur O'Connell, Rosemary Murphy, Meredith Baxter, Norman Alden, Paul Carr, Kaz Garas, Kenneth Tobey, Richard Van Heet

Director: Phil Karlson


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