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Commercial Mania
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Commercial Mania

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Johnny Legend Presents: Commercial Mania. The commercials in this compilation originally aired in the years between 1954 and 1961 and have been collected in this video celebrating television advertising. Even today, some of the most creative, entertaining work on TV appears in commercials. Because viewers tend to tune out the breaks between their favorite shows, commercial directors have always been forced to grab the Nielsen family's attention before they wander off for a snack. Among those featured in this look at the history of television commercials are Ronald Reagan (hawking soap), Stan Freberg, Harry Morgan, Gracie Allen, Jesse White, and Donna Douglas. The products pitched include Mr. Clean, featuring the big, muscular, t-shirt-wearing, shaved-head genie (ahead of his time with an earring); Hai Karate aftershave, advertised as making men smell so sexy that they are forced to defend themselves from women with karate chops and yelling the slogan: "Be Careful How You Use It!; and the highly touted Ford Edsel, a car destined to become Detroit's most spectacular failure.


Release Date: 1996

Run Time: 60 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Director: Johnny Legend


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