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I Was a Teenage Mummy
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I Was a Teenage Mummy

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A campy spoof of the classic horror films, this low-budget comedy unearths a 3700-year-old mummy that menaces Westport, Conn. Obviously an amateur production but the details are spot on. Lots of little touches and accurate costume details that make it an impressive achievement for a group of youngsters, or adults for that matter. It doesn't take itself too seriously, The dialogue was dubbed much later and is spoken in a way that nearly every line references a film title. Introduction by Forrest J. Ackerman. He gives us a little tour of his "Acker Museum" where he humbly shows off his world famous collection of priceless movie memorabilia.


Release Date: 1962

Run Time: 73 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Director: Ralph C. Bluemke


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