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Light Years
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Light Years

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Originally in French, this English-dubbed sci-fi animation tale concerns technology turned evil in a strange, strange land. In Gandohar, Prince Sylvain has created for the past millennium a peaceful culture in which its people, animals and ecology thrived. Gandohar's inhabitants enjoy a healthy bounty typified by liquid blue trees that bear basketball-sized fruit. This utopia is then shattered by a technological disaster, which creates an automated monster. Sylvain learns he must somehow use time travel to change the course of history and, in doing so, obliterate the synthetic menace. Through his travels, Sylvain meets various mutants, both good and evil, who will clog Gandohar in the future if the past isn't altered. Based on the novel "Robots Against Gondohar" by Jean-Pierre Andrevan.


Release Date: 1988

Run Time: 83 minutes

Rating: PG

Voice: Glenn Close, Jennifer Grey, Christopher Plummer, Penn Jillette, John Shea, David Johansen, Bridget Fonda, Paul Shaffer, Terrence Mann, Teller,

Director: Harvey Weinstein


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