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Band Of The Hand
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Band Of The Hand

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Directed by former Starsky and Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser, the film zeroes in on five juvenile delinquents who are plucked from their various detention facilities and unceremoniously dumped in the wilds of the Everglades. The boys begin to panic until a hard-case Vietnam veteran played by Stephen Lang arrives. The vet explains that they've been paroled in his custody, and that it is his task to teach them how to work as a team in order to survive. The logic of this plan is to whip the boys into an elite vigilante unit, then sic them on the various drug dealers of America. The film features early performances by Lauren Holly and Larry Fishburne and Bob Dylan can be heard singing the title song.

Release Date: 1986

Run Time: 109 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Stephen Lang, Michael Carmine, Lauren Holly, Leon Robinson           

Director: Paul Michael Glaser           


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