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Thunder Warrior
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Thunder Warrior

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In this spaghetti Western, a young Navajo by the name of Thunder (Mark Gregory) takes the lead in trying to stop a sacred burial ground from being plowed under so an observatory can be built. This act not only goes against tribal beliefs, but violates a treaty signed by his grandfather. After a visit to the construction site concludes in a fight, Thunder tries to protest at the Sheriff's office and at the bank financing the project, but nothing works. He is beaten and thrown out of the county, and finds no recourse except to fight back in the only way his enemies would understand -- with force. With stunning Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon as backdrops, the visual grandeur of this drama is impressive.

Release Date: 1985

Run Time: 84 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Raimund Harmstorf, Bo Svenson, Mark Gregory           

Director: Fabrizio de Angelis           


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